This video is my travel guide of Tokyo, in my series about the best things to do in Japan. Here I give you my tips of places to go in Tokyo Japan, the things I’ve seen and lived whilst in Tokyo Japan. This video is part of a series of vlogs about the best things to do in Tokyo and other cities within Japan. Here I talk about the prices of things in Japan, the food in I had in Japan, the places to visit in Tokyo, Tokyo’s main attractions, Tokyo’s temples, buildings, the food so on and so forth. I even show you some friends I met up with when I was there.
Tokyo and Sao Paulo cultural links 0:01
Tokyo Opener 0:49
Tokyo Narita Airport 2:05
Narita to the City Center 2:26
My Hotel in Tokyo 3:15
The way to Asakusa 3:50
Asakusa Nakamise 4:05
Sensoji 7:11
Tokyo Skytree 10:38
Tokyo Food Skytree16:36
Akihabara 18:56
Gundam Café 20:21
Shibuya part 1 intro 23:23
Surprising Beyoncé’s Choreographer Sheryl Murakami in Tokyo
Shibuya 25:19
Hachiko 27:00
Tokyo Disney Store 27:38
Tokyo DisneySea Intro 28:27
Harajuku Omotesando Takeshita 28:54
Meiji Shrine 33:01
Ghibli Museum 36:50
Shinjuku 38:16
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building 39:10
Ginza 40:45
Meeting Michiko at the Kabukiza Theater 42:10
Eating Sushi in Tokyo 44:53
Tokyo Station 48:46
The Stores in Ginza 50:01
The Emperor’s Palace 51:48
Roppongi 53:46
Tokyo Tower 54:49
Tokyo Goodbye 56:20

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  1. This vlog turned out incredible! I’m so surprised! You’ve captured the essence of this trip and used it to tell the story of this trip and help people at the same Time! Good job! You did it again and the editing is crazy good! I had no idea cuz I don’t know what you filmed when I was there lolol great job

  2. Omg this vlog is my favorite vlog about Tokyo! I’m so excited to go now! Very dynamic and with lots of useful information! Thank you so much and I love the fact you mentioned the huge influence of Japanese culture in Brazil! 😍

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