Travel through the steep Kurobe Gorge, stay in a Japanese farmhouse in Ainokura, and traverse the legendary Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, all in Toyama Prefecture, Japan.
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– Video Credits –
Host & Narrator: Raina Ong
Videographer: Andrew Marston
Producers: Stefan Schauwecker & Export Japan


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  1. Because of this video, we decided to visit Kurobe Gorge and Ainokura last Nov 2019 before the Pandemic hit the world. Thank you for your videos.

  2. I love this place .. I lived in Toyama from 1999 – 2002 .. many good memories here
    Now, I am living in hime country, Indonesia.
    Hope to visit Toyama once again

  3. I absolutely love your format and your program you do an awesome job you do a lot better than the rest of them on this platform keep up the good work you are awesome I enjoy it very much

  4. Toyama is one of the province here in japan. Someday i wanna go there in toyama and i will do vlogging there because i love travelling here in japan. I hope you will support me. Thank you 😊

  5. LA在住日本人ですが

  6. i live in japanese countryside!! Japan is my dream and 3 years ago i was able to move and live in the country of my dreams! What a journey has it been! Arigato Gozaimasu!

  7. Do you also have detailed expenses for the whole 4day trip? I always wanna go to Japan but I am wary of the expenses.. Also, knowing the expenses will help me a lot in my planning.

    Thank you for the nice video. 💙 I plan to visit Japan as soon as this pandemic ends that why I'm asking these questions. 💙

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