Learn more about Japan’s New Golden Route and this itinerary:

Episode two:

In this three part mini-series we will be taking a seven day trip starting in Tokyo and ending Kyoto along Japan’s New Golden Route. In this video, episode one, we will depart from Tokyo, see a railway museum in Saitama, spend a night at charming Ikaho Onsen, and visit the legendary bathing monkeys in Nagano.

Episode three will be released on October 31, 2018.

– Video Credits –
Host and Narrator: Sam Evans
Videographer: Charles Sabas
Producers: Sam Evans, Stefan Schauwecker & Export Japan


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  1. I just booked my flight for late October early November. It has been a dream of mine to visit for 25+ years. Finally making it happen. Watching these videos brought me great joy and my husband and I decided to use this route because of you and these gorgeous and informative videos. Thank you so so much. I may be missing something but is there a written-out itinerary that I could have access to?

  2. I'm not a big fan of these touristy travel videos about Japan, but I must say, these Japan-Guide videos provide a lot of really useful and informative information about Japan. They're also beautifully shot. With the Coronavirus hitting the world as hard as it has, it's difficult to travel across the 'Land of the Rising Sun' right now. But once this period is all behind us, I look forward to more videos from you guys! Please, keep them coming!

  3. Wishing you were not a Briton.
    Why people feel sick and they want to puke whenever they hear the tune of your voices .
    It's hurts the ears ….

  4. Thank you for such an amazing video and all the places covered so far are wonderful. I appreciate out of the box thinking and the new golden route truly stands by its name. Arigato Gozaimasu Japan🙏🥰

  5. 日本人ですが、次の旅の参考にさせて頂きます!
    私の知る限り豚肉が日本一美味しい街は伊香保へ行く場合の新幹線乗換駅の「TAKASAKI CITY」です。

  6. Why are you going to Japan? They offer tourists Fukushima rice and radioactively contaminated seafood. And they try to throw radioactive water into the sea. be careful.

  7. Amazing video presentation. I need to do this route next time. In mere seconds you make places seem more interesting that other videos showcasing the same places over tens of minutes.

  8. Hi, thank you so much for this amazing itinerary, very much what I wanted to see in Japan as I want a more relaxing trip rather than hustle and bustle trip. My only thing is I would like to shorten this by one day so I can head back to tokyo because I fly out of Tokyo. Would the JR pass cover all of these same areas? I don't mind the extra price since I want to be able to take the short route from Kyoto to Tokyo. Thank you

  9. このビデオの素晴らしいところは日本人の私でさえとても参考になるという事です。
    Kono bideo no subarashī tokoro wa nihonjin no watashide sae totemo sankōninaru to iu kotodesu.
    The great thing about this video is that even Japanese people can be very helpful.(google translation)

  10. Japan-Guide,
    This video really inspired me to plan a trip to Japan, integrating this route along the way of my 3 week trip! Would you have anything that breaks down where Sam is staying and the costs involved?

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