Welcome to Japan, will take you to the places in Japan that you need to see.
Beyond the guidebooks, get the real Japan experience.
Culture, Food, Landmarks, Samurais and Ninjas!
…and all that other crazy stuff.

In episode 1, you will be shown around Osaka. Osaka is Japan’s second largest city, and well known for it food culture.See the glory of its most famous landmark, enjoy Pachinko and Pachi-slot, and even see how you can be a samurai. Along the way learn useful Japanese words and phrases to help you get by and truely master you trip to Japan.

Welcome to Japanとは、日本全国の行くべき場所を紹介する番組です。

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  1. 食前の「いただきます」は「命をいただく」という意味もあります。

  2. Very nice video, well presented! I think now we got some more inspiration for our worldtravels as well. Thank you for that. Subbed and liked to support you! Stay gorgeous!

  3. Ce Japon n'intéresse pas les gens ou les étrangers en règle générale!!ce n'est qu'une carte postale pour les toutristes,le vrai pays en profondeur jamais vous ne le verrez et certainement pas sur youtube!!!

  4. Hello , my name is CTS 2000 and Japan is my favourite country in the world .
    I would travel to Tokyo , Kyoto , Osaka and Yokohama .
    I love japanese culture .

  5. What an absolutely fantastic show this is I loved every second of it and it's good that you point out key words always good to expand the vocabulary and what a fun way you portraid it in …. arigatou gozaimasu 🙂

  6. 大阪城のがっかり感はヤバそう。ただの博物館と変わらなさそう。地元だけど行ったことがないが、そんな話は良く聞く。再築するにしても当時のまま再現しろよ。

  7. パチンコ・パチスロで遊ぶな。儲けはすべて反日活動や北朝鮮に送金されてる。

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